Six shots of Kowloon local life

Old ladies selling veg on the roadside in Asia

This vegetable stall serves multipurpose as the local social club for elderly ladies.

A young lady passes by a colourful checkerboard of housing adverts

One of Hong Kong’s colorful real estate windows.

A lady stepping out of her Asian roadside mechanic shop

Mechanic working in her roadside shop.

A huge bunch of bamboo roadside in an Asian city

Big ole bunch of bamboo, used for scaffolding skyscrapers, lies piled on the side of Shantung Street.

A man and his dog outside their roadside Asian mechanics yard.

Blowing a sideways smokey kiss as his dog stands guard.

Old lady choosing from colourful phone cases

Choosing phone cases in Hong Kong is a colorfully eye-catching affair.

For some more of my Hong Kong shots, check out this page.

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