The best shots from Intrepidlee in 2016

A young lady sits contemplatively next to a river: taken with long exposure
“Ducking away from the busy path, following signs left by local hikers, we ventured through the forest. Following a barely trodden trail, which led us to stumble upon a stream seemingly lost in time.” – full article here
The Wrong Way Waterfall
That little stream turned into a rather large waterfall… check out the link on the left for directions.
A green park almost empty of visitors
The lost world of Kings Park – article coming soon.
A busy day at the mong kok market
The busy Mong Kok Market with its brightly coloured umbrellas. A very local adventure, in an area where few tourists tread. More here

Best from this week in 

Hong Kong

(Click one to enlarge) 

Sunrise over Hong Kong’s outlying islands. Can you tell where this shot was taken from? Is not, stay posted for the answer.


A panormama from the top of the Kings Park hill, with the tops of Hong Kong's iconic skyline behind
A secret hilltop, truly hidden in the centre of Kowloon. Find out where in an up and coming article!


Toads jam packed into a cage at the Mong Kok markets
Slimy pets or for the cooking pot?
The harbour at night
The Iconic skyline of Hong Kong Island






Panorama of a Hong Kong street as a gas cycler passes by
A bicycle deliveryman powers through the local side of Kowloon.
Black and white photo of man fishing in metropolis city harbour
A hidden little fishing spot at the end of the famous Victoria Harbour
A statue of Buddha silhouetted against a later afternoon sky, the setting sun sitting in lower hand
Lantau Island’s big Buddha, holding the setting sun.
Inside the Po Lin Monastary.











Sunrise over the ocean behind a desert island
More coming next week

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