Dim Sum Mission Number One – Paradise Dynasty

Traditionally styled, this restaurant has no windows. It’s dining floor lights are dimmed down low. The room is expansive yet consistently full. Filled with tables filled with local people.

On any night of the week, expect to take a ticket and wait in the starkly contrasting shopping mall till your number is called. Fortunately, thanks to the restaurant’s efficient service, you’ll be seated before too long.

“the restaurant’s plush dining ambience is intricately designed to capture the bygone era of Imperial China in a contemporary fashion.” – Paradise Dynasty

Digging into some dim sum

A beautiful young American girl being served food by an old asian waitress.While there are plenty of a la carte menu options, Kaleigh and I like sticking to the dim sum for a number of reasons;

1: It’s cheap.

2: Dim sum is made to be shared, which means you get a variety of different tastes and textures in one dinner.

3: It comes quickly (perfect for an impatient diner like myself).

We kicked off the meal with a firm favorite of ours; spring rolls. Cylindrical sheets of pastry stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms, deep-fried to crispy perfection. It’s not always a surefire hit, as some Hong Kong eateries seem to forget the all-important stuffing – serving nothing but oily pasty. However, this night’s spring rolls were a full and tasty success.

Pork marinated in sticky bbq sauce, wrapped inside thick but fluffy blobs of dough. These light white pan-fried Shanghai pork buns are simply delicious and not to be missed. Some come plain, while others (like Paradise Dynasty’s) are coated in a sweet glaze which compliments the bbq pork filling.

Thirdly but not finally, we were treated to the healthiest and greenest of the night’s dishes. Steamed vegetable dumplings are made with a thin sheet of rice which is then wrapped around the veggie filling, before being steamed and served with some soy sauce.

Our main mission: xiaolongbao (pronounced phonetically as “c-ow-long-bow”)

If you read last week’s article, you’ll know that Kaleigh and I have taken it upon ourselves to taste Hong Kong’s best xiaolongbao. South China Morning Post, this land’s premier English newspaper, recently released their list of HK’s top spots, for finding our steamy favorite.

Paradise Dynasty’s xiaolongbao comes in eight multicolored options. Inside the dumpling, you find the standard meatball swimming in soup – with a flavourful twist  – each color represents an unconventionally flavored broth, each unique to the restaurant; cheese, garlic, crab roe, foie gras, Szechuan (spicy), ginseng (gingery), black truffle (earthy), and original.

Plopping one onto my tongue, the rice parcel sagged as its inner liquid settled. Piercing the thin rice sheet with my teeth unleashes a mouthwatering wave, drenching every taste bud in soupy ecstasy, ALMOST every time.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the crab roe or foie gras. However, gray proved to be garlic heaven, red szchuan came with a delicious spicy kick, and the black truffle delighted me with a deep and earthy flavor.

Dim Sum Mission Number One - Paradise Dynasty

Cheque, please!

8 xiaolongbao – 98HKD

3 Steamed vegetable dumpling – 38HKD

3 Spring rolls – 28HKD

3 pan-fried Shanghai pork buns – 38HKD

Total = 202HKD / 25USD / 20GBP

The verdict…

If you’re in Hong Kong for just one night, I would highly recommend eating an early dinner at Paradise Dynasty (to avoid the crowds and save time for a second feast!)

The specially designed interior with its dimmed mood lighting transports diners back in time to imperial China, where they get to sample outstanding traditional cuisine for a reasonable price.

How to get there

I highly suggest visiting the Mong Kok restaurant, not only because of its close proximity to the MTR, but also because it’s one of the more local options…

Exit E1 from Mong Kok station. As soon as you step from the MTR, you’ll see an entrance to a shopping mall on your left. Enter the mall and walk straight to find the escalators which will take you up two floors – Paradise Dynasty is behind the escalator.

The restaurant’s receptionist will help you take a ticket. Couples and small groups are usually seated very quickly, while large groups are advised to book-in-advance.

Contact telephone number for Paradise Dynasty in Mong Kok; 2177 3456

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