15 Visual Reminders why you Should LOVE the Darkside

In Hong Kong, you don’t need to go far for an exciting adventure. The city streets overflow with vibrant local livelihood, playing out in front of passing pedestrians.

Here are fifteen of my favourite snaps from a few hours exploring Kowloon, the ‘other’ (not dark) side of famous Victoria Harbour.



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15 Visual Reasons why I LOVE HK's Kowloon





Only upon getting home, did I realise there’s a baby strapped to her back…



















At night’s end, its time to stop for some street food and begin decongesting all the images swirling in my mind.


Those who dwell in the expat epicenter of Hong Kong Island, often refer to Kowloon as ‘the darkside’ because it doesn’t have as many western restaurants, shops, or conveniences.

When really, Kowloon should be called ‘the colourfulside’ because it has so much more natural character than that stuffy wanker banker island!

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