33 of my favourite Hong Kong memories caught on camera

A personal hardship of photography for me is the arduous task of keeping all the digital content (photos/videos) organized and correctly cataloged. A task otherwise known as media management.

Over three years living in Hong Kong, I’ve amassed almost 100,000 photos and weeks worth of video footage, that until now, sat in a jumbled state on multiple hard drives waiting for me to find a day or two to sort through it all.

Having quit my day job and left Hong Kong for the final time, I’ve come to a quiet cusp between adventures. The perfect moment to sit down, properly file my digital memories, and pick some favorites from the past three years…

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A local fisherman tries his luck on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour

Exploring the Cheung Chau caves with my all-time faves

One the best little camping spots in Sai Kung, between mountain peak and sandy beach

It just ain’t camping without a roasted mellow sandwiched between chocolate biscuits

Read my full story from this camping trip in the South China Morning Post

Kaleigh and Lisa relaxing on a remote stretch of sand in far northern Sai Kung

I loved spending time watching the rivers of people flow from Mong Kok MTR

Late one night, when the MTR had halted, I slipped in and swam across this famous harbour

Kaleigh and her sister Brennah enjoying the sunset from Cheung Chau BnB

Mum emerging from a cave into sunlight at Hong Kong Park

One of many amazing bbq’s on our friend Caro’s Causeway Bay rooftop

One of the amazing views looking back at the city from Lei Yue Muen fishing village

Complete seclusion at a little Hoi Ha camping spot only reachable via kayak

Our home neighborhood of Mong Kok never failed to hit the street photography sweet spot

An amazing art exhibition of white roses under the Hong Kong government buildings

The crystal cabin cable car experience up to Lantau Island’s Big Buddha

My lovely lady Kaleigh taking on the Twin Peak hike on HK Island

My favorite spot for checking out the fresh local produce – Mong Kok’s wet markets

My golden rule when moving into any hotel room or new apartment is to ‘check the rooftop’

Put-off by crowds at Big Wave Bay? Head to Tai Long Wan for a solitary Sai Kung surf

I spent two years teaching these lads English while exploring the HK countryside together

Who doesn’t love a good lion dance?! Best time to catch one is during the Chinese New Year

My little river fairy taking in the moment after off-track exploring near Ng Tai Waterfall

Kaleigh and I love having a little rooftop sunset shisha sesh

Enjoying a drink on the rocks near our campsite as the sun sets

Kaleigh and Josh tending to the fire on a chilly morning after camping

Eddie sings nightly with his band EBM in Mong Kok’s vibrant street parties

Kaleigh feeling enlightened at the Big Buddha

After last years Fishball Riots, a police officer supervises the cleanup crew

Cooking up plenty of corn on the campfire with some of our best buddies

Practicing for a graduation ceremony at the first kindergarten I worked with in HK

Kayaking with Kaleigh around one of Hong Kong’s marine parks Hoi Ha Wan

Enjoying the sunrise from our cliffside campsite on Tung Lung Island…

33 of my favourite Hong Kong memories caught on camera 34

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Creating your own media management system

If you keep on top of how your files are stored, you’ll find the task to be easy and not too time-consuming. The trick is knowing what format to store the files in from the start.

As a traveler, it’s best for me to file them by country, location, and time/event (as seen below).

33 of my favourite Hong Kong memories caught on camera 35

Inside each of the time/event files, I then have my archive (where all the original photos are stored), an editing section (for photos which I’m currently working on but don’t have time to finish), and finally the finished folder (with copies of the originals which have been edited and are ready for publication).

Sometimes it’s impractical to organize the shots from a photo shoot right away, but I’ll need to clear space on the SD card. For this purpose, I keep a ‘to be sorted’ folder, which I try to clear weekly.

I now have three 2TB hard drives for my ever growing database of images and videos. This WD (Western Drive) is my preferred piece of hardware for storage which gives photographers – shooting in Jpeg format – enough space for a year worth of solid shooting.

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