A first-timer trying out shopping in HK’s local markets

The afternoon heat was no less than scorching as I left home to fulfil the mission I’d set myself just over one year ago.

A few days before, when the weather was less intense, I met a Swedish girl named Ellie, spending two weeks in Hong Kong, on her first travels through Asia. She was keen to see some local life, so I suggested we visit the Mong Kok markets together.

A friend of mine who has lived on these particular market streets for over 30-years, describes it as a good place to sense the ‘human touch’ of Hong Kong.

For that very reason, I decided to film my first ever vlog in these magical markets during Ellie’s first time shopping in them. Fulfilling a blogging goal which I’s set myself on starting Intrepidlee just over a year ago…

Ellie and I thoroughly explore the Mong Kok markets

If you love shopping and snagging a bargain, best get yourself over to Kowloon side, which has the highest density of stalls per street when compared to Hong Kong Island.


Keep checking back on this article as I’ll continue to update with more informations about Hong Kong’s best markets…

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