Shots of an Asian metropolis in full winter swing

Shot in Hong Kong, found uniquely on Intrepidlee (until stolen and used elsewhere)

Photos of the Week 8
One of the busiest MTR exits in all of Hong Kong; Mong Kok Station spews out a hundred shoppers per minute, while simultaneously engulfing a hundred more.
Hanging out on the famous Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour. Some rather merry Father Christmas’ taking part in the Hong Kong SantaCon 2016 – More photos and full story here.
A stetch of long grass leads to an old fishing village in front of a very new metropolis
An inhabitant of the ancient fishing village, Lei Yue Mun, contemplates taking a dip into Victoria Harbour. While in stark juxtaposition, the metropolis of Hong Kong nestles amongst mountains behind.

Two kids chasing three birds in front of a faraway metropolis

Crowded Hong Kong Street behind a golden Christmas tree
The local side of Hong Kong holds many secrets, including Asia’s biggest weekly street party! Check out ‘Mong Kok’ for a slice of HK local life…


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